Mystery School Programs

Mystery School Programs

Our nine-month programs enable you to expand into new possibility and integrate lasting changes into your life.

Alchemy 101

Take Your Life to the Next Level
Overcome imitations & Step into Your Power
Connect with your Magic

The Alchemy Mastery Program is designed to help you create practical, powerful, and lasting changes in your life. This time-tested program is highly creative and supports all types of learners. In our nine months together your life will unfold in remarkable ways through new tools, new understandings, and a dynamic system of support. Read more.

The Alchemy Leadership Program

Bringing Your Light to the World
Personal Empowerment for Positive Change

This premier program integrates the best of what the Mystery School has to offer. The Alchemy Leadership Program is designed for those who have participated in at least two years of Mystery School. This program offers advanced tools and practical strategies that will enable you to overcome challenge and expand momentum toward your intentions and dreams. Read more.

Qabalah 1

Introduction to the Tree of Life – Offered in 2019
Revealing the Codes of Light

Everything in the universe is created from the same cosmic blueprint and the same rules of order. We call these rules “Codes of Light” because they exist through all dimensions and within the structure of all things, including your own DNA. Read more.

Qabalah 2

The Tree of Life and the Path of Return – Offered in 2019
Stepping into the Grids of Light.

The Qabalah Tree of Life is a detailed map and guidebook that diagrams the way Source energy creates our Universe. There are ten separate worlds on the Tree of Life. Each of these worlds, called a Sephirah, represents a specific aspect or realm of creation. Read more.